Individual treatment as the key to sustainable health

Together with our expert therapists, you will work out the right solutions for your health. Our therapeutic work is characterised by individual therapy programmes tailored to your needs.

Our therapy offerings

Physical therapy

Get well again with our help

Whether in rehabilitation after illnesses and accidents or after an operation: Find your way back to your old strength with us.


Bringing your body into balance

With us, your well-being and health come first. We offer osteopathy as one of our core areas.

Meridian and Acupressure Massage / Shiatsu

Modifying your energy flow

All complaints arise from a disturbed energy flow. Certain regions in the body are supplied with too much or too little energy.

Health centre

The best for your health

In our health centre we offer special services for your individual path to a pain-free and mobile lifestyle. With state-of-the-art approaches such as EMS, ICAROS, KAATSU, and many more, we help you improve your mobility and relieve pain. Our team of highly qualified physiotherapists will advise and guide you with your individual needs in mind.

Here you can get an overview of our offers in this area.

Our health center programmes

EMS Training

Efficiency and success with wireless electric muscle stimulation.


Try a completely different type of physiotherapy in virtual reality (VR) with the revolutionary ICAROS training system.


KAATSU is a form of blood flow modification training, also known as "occlusive training" or "blood flow restriction training".

Milon Circle

One of the most modern training options at your disposal.